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These two entities have a distinct activity link which builds up the core of INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM CONSIGNMENT HOLDING (ISCH).

The group focuses on creating high profile, highly targeted business networks where potential buyers can meet the suppliers and their product on a common ground. We believe in creating an environment, with the most powerful form of direct contact, for establishing and maintaining business relations. We provide all the solutions to your business needs.


INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM CONSIGNMENT HOLDING is focused and committed to providing the best of consulting to its clientele with excellent service quality. Our comprehensive list of services includes information on sectors and industries; consultation on regulatory environments; facilitation of inward investment missions; link to join venture partners; and information on incentive packages for qualifying sectors and industries ensuring you always stay at the forefront of trade investment relationship between the Russia Federation, Cis countries and African countries with the right incentive schemes to take your business further.

Together, we can turn little ideas into big business



My Africa (MA) is a Russo African business magazine which is focused to channel information and promote trade, tourism between Russia , Cis countries and African countries. A monthly full-color print magazine has a print-run of 10,000 copies per edition and an estimated readership of 20,000. Russian and international CEOs and policymakers receive the magazine directly on their desks through targeted mailings.


Our target is

  • to support local African companies to expand worldwide
  • to support business development in emerging markets as Africa and the Russian Federation
  • to initiate, co-ordinate, organize business contacts, link and exchanges between African countries, Russia and Cis countries


Mr. Cyril Tchoudja (Chairman & CEO)
Mr. Jose Kazadi Kazadi (vice president of international operations,President of MA Fondation – USA)
Mr. Louis II Tchamda (Art Director, Web Design, Web master& Programmer)

 Tel/fax: +7  499  704-56-57 , +7 495  798-48-20

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